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Death Metal

The band are originary from Maldonado, Uruguay, has now been located in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The band had created a studio (Hurricane), which bands like Bestial (Bra) and Pilatus have made some gravations and albums.

David - Vocals
Sebba Carsin - Guitars (Karkadam, 7th City Child)
Marcelo - Guitars (7th City Child)
Lobo - Bass
Sebastian - Drums
Former/past member(s)
Portugal - Bass, Vocals (1997-1999)
Cristian - Drums (1997-2000) (ex-Fateless, ex-Eclampsy, Crematorium (Ury), Ad Noctum (Ury))

Come up in 1992 at the east side of Uruguay.Two months later,the demo "Cementery" was recorded.In 1993 and with new line-up OSSUARY recorded the promo track "Inquisition dreams",showing the new sound of the band to an obscure and demoniac death metal.The next step to the band was their demo ´95 "The black wind wisphers from the coast" that had an excelent promotion all over the world.This tape was inclusive edited by American line from Mexico,in a professional way.At that time there where tons of live shows(Look live show section),and in the tour for south America,Catapult Rec. show interest and re-edited the demo ´95(with thisedition "The black wind whispers from the coast" demo sold close to 2000 copies) with 3 bonus track under the name of "Show no thirsty/Alcoholic rites".1997 show the biggest line-up changes in band history,Portugal(ex-Karkadam) joined the band in bass/vocals,and Cristian (ex-Fateless) in drums.In ´98 Marcelo joined the band in guitars,with Sebb. (original member) on guitars too.The band recent work is called "We await the secret conspiracy" was edited by BLACK HAMMER REC in MCD and TAPE format.The new sound continue in the flame of the old OSSUARY,with an hyperblasting Death Metal brutallity but at the same time,melodic,with extreme speed ,spreading a satanic and blasphemic message.


Cementery Demo, 1992
Inquisition Dreams Demo, 1993
Show No Thirsty - Alcoholic Rites Demo, 1995
The Black Wind Whisper from the... Demo, 1995
We Await The Secret Conspiracy EP, 1998
Destroying The Weak Opposition Single, 2001
Black Winds Of Conspiracy Full-length, 2003
Silence Means Gold Full-length, 2004

Ossuary 2004 "Silence Means Gold"

1.Return to Dunwich (Howard Phillips Lovecraft Tribute)03:42
2.To Conquest... (The Earth With Fire)05:38
3.Sexmagik Spell05:05
4.Rising Kingdom04:14
5.Rebellion Hymns04:36
6.Kill Your God03:23
8.Martyrs of a New Dawn04:29
9.Silence Means Gold04:57
Total playing time39:29



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